We help managers to develop potentials. We support change processes. To make the most of your personality, your teams and organizations, and the challenges you face. We offer consulting, coaching and capital.
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How we work

It all starts with understanding. Achieved by listening. Asking questions. Sometimes, there’s no clear issue to be stated. Sometimes, we need to work together to find it first. To put subconscious knowledge into words. A diagnosis is more than just a start: The way out is the way in! Now, we start defining appropriate settings and measures for deeper analysis, issue substantiation and problem solving. As an interdisciplinary team, we have a broad range of methods. Systemic, behavioral, psychodynamic and classic performance improvement approaches are drawn upon and combined. The various aspects of consulting and coaching are also combined. It all depends on the problem, because sometimes it’s simply a matter of clearing small blockages. We focus on sustainable solutions. Without compromise. It’s our passion. We’re problem solvers!


We focus on real changes, not schematic change management. Changes that address actual causes of issues, sustainably transform behavior and lead to potential lasting improvements.

Sometimes we’re quick to call something a problem, but in fact, having to change what currently IS is a challenge that faces any person, organization or structure.  Changes range from mindset shifting to real disruptive upheavals.  The more open and multi-faceted the topic, the more likely it is that THOR is the right choice. We represent the perfect mix of entrepreneurial responsibility and many years of practical experience in small and medium companies as well as international groups. All of this comes embedded in a sound methodological foundation. Complex issues cannot be solved with overly simple or methodological template solutions. At all times, people – society’s protagonists – are right at the center of change. We are a professionally diverse team of experts with unorthodox ideas. We want to be special! And your problems are special to us.

“The way out is the way in.”

(Unknown author)