“There’s nothing harder than soft factors.”

Professor Wehner


Capital – intellectual and financial

It’s not always about a specific problem. Sometimes, we “only” help by exchanging thoughts about alternative ideas, concept and methods. We act as a sparring partner or sounding board. Sometimes you need the “other” in order to free yourself from your own constraints, including mental constraints. In the every-day chaos of business life, there’s not always much time for reflection and contemplation. We call this intellectual capital. The chance to see yourself from OUTSIDE and to discover different aspects.

Financial capital, on the other hand, is the “hard” side of matters. We work in cooperation with AUCTUS Capital Partners AG as a renowned private equity company to realize Buy&Build concepts for defined sectors.

Together with well-known institutional partners, we also develop revolutionary digital business models for startups.

Our fields of work:

  • Private equity
  • Insurtech business model development