“My goal is to reintroduce common sense into management.”

Reinhard Sprenger


Advice that really helps

We see ourselves as a result-driven partner. We focus on and specialize in custom solutions to problems. For us, change management is not a special methodological framework or management concept. Instead, “change” is a constant physical state in which small and large companies have to assert themselves in today’s world. Increasing volatility and ambiguity, high requirements relating to agility, capability for disruption and innovative willingness: These are not recent phenomena. Such conditions and factors have always shaped economic activity and management behavior, it’s just that the speed of their manifestation has increased and will continue to do so.

One answer to these challenges might take the form of “innovative” management concepts that replace the “old” way of thinking. However, the dangerous illusion of quick fixes sometimes lurks behind this idea. Without a doubt, the constant expansion of methodological tools is a permanent essential task for managers and their consultants. However, overly simple answers to issues that are complex due to their multi-faceted nature help only in the short term.

At THOR, we initially concentrate on identifying the exact problem using intensive interdisciplinary diagnostics together with the customer. This analysis, too, must be tailored to the customer. There’s no room here for mechanical applications of traditional consulting tools. Where are there dormant potentials in relation to persons or structures/systems? What impact do the hard and soft factors have? What relationships can be identified as “change objects” behind specific behaviors? Which known and concealed organizational dynamics are at play, and what effect do they have on individuals, the management and structures? How well do the strategic, operational and normative frameworks within a company fit together?

A correct analysis is more than half the battle or, in other words: “The way out is the way in”. And just like the diagnosis, the implementation space is multi-faceted. The same approach applies. Which solution is right for the company and the problem? We wish to be judged by the sustainable changes that we bring about.

The technical basis for this approach has two aspects: First, a consistently interdisciplinary process that allows an issue to be considered from diverse perspectives. Social science and business concepts in the fields of coaching and consulting are used in combination. Second, our consulting concepts are shaped and influenced by the integrated St. Galler management concept – a blank canvas that gives freedom of thought and is permanently adjusted and expanded. This gives rise to a broad rainbow of perspectives in relation to thought capacity and action competence.

It is our passion to shape change – whether it be complex or simple in terms of objective. Either way, its implementation and permanence are always something special.

Our fields of work:

    • Performance improvement/organizational consulting/business process optimization/corporate development
    • Social gearing – the social assets of the company – potential and optimization
    • Leadership/team development
    • Restructuring/renovation/turnarounds/change processes
    • Mergers
    • Digital and other disruptive transformations
    • Crisis intervention
    • Future designs
    • Needs-oriented projects in accordance with the idea of “something has to change to make things better”, with a broad profile of causes and objectives