Our values

Full of VALUE for us and holding VALUE for our customers

Our values reflect how we see our tasks and customers and the way in which we work. They form the basis for shared perspectives.

1. Thor as a partner

  • We respect our customers’ values and objectives.
  • We take our customer’s history into account, since it justifies and is an integral part of their here & now.
  • We start working at our customer’s current position.
  • We strive to form time-based partnerships.
  • We look at “hard” and “soft” factors at the same time.

2. Quality

  • We provide a holistic approach in both diagnostics and in our solutions.
  • We work with passion and zeal.
  • A no-compromise focus on solutions always comes first.

3. Confidence and courage

  • We offer “safe spaces” for raw truth, reality and for things that might even be painful.
  • We say what we see.
  • We encourage people to do what needs to be done.